Make New Year's Resolutions for Your Office Cleaning In London

Make New Year's Resolutions for Your Office Cleaning In London

Make New Year's Resolutions for Your Office Cleaning In London

Even for those businesses that hire professional office cleaning services to keep their work environment on top form, the start of a New Year is a great time to encourage environmentally friendly practices to help create a green and clean office.

Waste Not, Want Not

You can help your provider of office cleaning in London by adopting an environmentally friendly system, so that waste is kept to a minimum and recycling is undertaken as much as possible. Start the New Year off by tackling waste issues. Include bins in the office for different items, so that paper can be placed in a paper bin and plastic or cardboard in another. If you have an office kitchen, then have a separate bin for food items that can be composted down, such as fruit skins. If you have outside space, you could even have your own compost bin, which could contribute to growing plants for the office.

Staff should be encouraged to save important documents on their computers rather than printing items out, as this can also reduce paper wastage.

Creating an awareness amongst staff about recycling and reducing waste can make the office a much greener and cleaner place to be.

Tidy Desks

One of the biggest tasks for providers of office cleaning in London or elsewhere is to clean desk areas in an office. This can be made more difficult if a desk is covered with papers, files or other items. As the New Year approaches, why not adopt a weekly strategy for tidying up desks? Workers could be allotted a short amount of time each week, preferably on the least busy day such as a Friday afternoon, to tidy items off their desk so that they are clutter-free come Monday morning. Not only will this make cleaning the desk much easier, but it can help an individual to get more organised with their work. Clear desk policies are also beneficial to uphold confidentiality of work.

Green Kitchen

Consider ways that your office could make your kitchen space greener. Perhaps you might fit a boiling-water tap instead of having a kettle for hot drinks? This is more energy-efficient. For office cleaning in London or wherever your business is based, consider using the services of a company that promotes green cleaning without the overuse of harsh chemicals.

To see how we can help you achieve a greener and cleaner start to the New Year, get in touch today.

Posted by William Rodriguez