How Effective Is Green Office Cleaning in London?

How Effective Is Green Office Cleaning in London?

How Effective Is Green Office Cleaning in London?

Using green cleaning products in homes or businesses has been the centre of much debate in recent times. Many people may question just how effective green products are at shifting dirt and grime or eliminating bacteria and germs in comparison to their more common counterparts.

Historical Use
Many of the green cleaning products in use today are based on ingredients that have been tried and tested for centuries. Products such as baking soda, lemon juice, tea tree oil, vinegar, ammonia and borax have proven to be effective at getting rid of stains, dirt and germs in a natural manner that is also kind to the environment and humans.

Many advocates of green products argue that we have become too hygiene-orientated today, and that our over-use of a range of chemicals and different cleaning products can lead to exposure to too many chemicals. In fact, it is often documented that homes or offices that are 'too clean' do not allow a person's immune system to build up a natural response to invaders, which can leave a person vulnerable to allergies and other illnesses. Whilst this is not advocating the concept of allowing germs to flourish, it is suggesting that we should be seeking a more natural, greener way to conduct office cleaning in London or elsewhere.

Effective and Clean
As time has gone by, many of the unnecessary harsh chemicals have been taken out of green cleaning products and replaced with plant-based alternatives. These natural alternatives are just as effective as the chemical ones yet have the advantage that they do not leave someone exposed to toxins, and they are usually renewable and biodegradable.

Not all green products are the same, however, so it is always worth reading the ingredients list to get an idea of what the product contains. Some certainly clean better than others, and tests have revealed that green products can be as effective as conventional ones approximately 95% of the time. In fact, natural cleaning products are also less likely to leave scratches or dull stains on fine surfaces, unlike some of their conventional counterparts.

If you are looking for office cleaning in London or elsewhere, then there are many benefits to consider using a company that has green credentials, so get in touch today to see how we can make your office cleaner in a more natural way.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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