More businesses offering monthly mobility allowance

More businesses offering monthly mobility allowance

More businesses offering monthly mobility allowance

In a bid to move towards more eco-friendly standards, a growing number of businesses in mainland Europe are offering employees a monthly mobility allowance, rather than a traditional company car.

The new move comes from Benoît Chatelier, founder of Ubeeqo - a European start-up company specialising in fleet and mobility products.

Mr Chatelier said: "The number of employees car-sharing and receiving a mobility budget is growing, particularly in Germany and Belgium.

"It's getting bigger and bigger. Drivers are open to a new approach, because they're not considering the car as the ultimate mobility solution, it's just one of several, and they're becoming more interested in the alternatives."

Ubeeqo's 'Bettercar' proposition launched in the UK last month and has already been taken up among companies such as Michelin, Bosch and L'Oreal. Ubeeqo offers the technology for businesses to switch their company car allowance for a mobility allowance.

This works to encourage employees to step away from their larger company car and instead gain access to a smaller vehicle or shared fleet of cars. Through the scheme, employees also receive a mobility allowance to fund personal travel requirements in the absence of their own vehicle.

What's more, employees can use a booking platform on smartphones, tablets or PCs that delivers various travel options - such as trains, taxis and car-sharing - and deducts the cost from their monthly mobility allowance.

The Bettercar service gives companies access to a pool of vehicles in their car park, which can be used by authorised drivers for business or travel, as well as being customised to include regular servicing, maintenance and cleaning.

Through its telematics solution, onboard electronics are utilised to deliver accurate, real-time data on vehicle usage. This helps companies to cut down on taxi and mileage allowance costs and endorse sustainable mobility solutions.

The insight is also designed to influence driver behaviour and integrate communications solutions to encourage improved eco-driving and road safety.

Mr Chatelier continued: "We have already achieved significant savings of up to  38 per cent for clients through reductions in owned fleets and the implementation of genuine car-pooling and sharing.

"Now, UK companies can benefit from the flexibility of  the Bettercar offering, helping them focus on more eco-friendly transport solutions, as well as reducing costs and improving productivity.

"We firmly believe this is a real step-change in business mobility, accessible to businesses of all sizes and supporting all levels of business travel requirements."


Posted by William Rodriguez

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