London firms to get more access to electric car charging points

London firms to get more access to electric car charging points

London firms to get more access to electric car charging points

Businesses across London could soon witness a major uptake in electric vehicles among their staff, as a new round of comprehensive infrastructure investment aims to ensure more commuters are making the switch to eco-friendly motoring in the years ahead.

A new £4.48 million fund has been earmarked by Transport for London (TfL), London Councils and the Greater London Authority (GLA) for the provision of new electric vehicle charging infrastructure on the streets of the capital.

Responding to the announcement, mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "This substantial investment in electric charging points will make a real difference, making electric vehicles an easier and more practical option for Londoners across our city."

Meanwhile, TfL head of strategy and outcome planning Lilli Matson added: "We're delighted to be awarding this funding to these boroughs, all of whom, like us, are determined to make London's transport greener and its air quality better."

The decision comes amid an ongoing drive to enhance air quality across the country, with plans announced last month that all new diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned on the nation's roads from 2040. 

At the same time, a new £3 billion clean air strategy will incorporate a range of initiatives designed to reduce levels of roadside nitrogen oxide emission levels and promote the uptake of cleaner, more environmentally-friendly vehicles in the coming years.

In line with this wider aim, the TfL, London Councils and GLA announcement states a total of 25 London boroughs will now each receive up to £300,000 in funding to help achieve Mr Khan's long-term vision for zero-carbon transport in the capital. It means that upwards of 1,500 new on-street electric vehicle charge points will be installed across the city by the end of 2020.

The first freestanding charge points will make use of existing on-street furniture, such as lamp posts, to aid and hasten their installation in the coming months. It is a decision aimed at ensuring the new infrastructure is cheaper, quicker and easier to install, with less impact on the streetscape.

A second phase of development will then get underway from 2018/19, with a new allocation of funding expected at this time. This first £4.48 million investment has been allocated to London boroughs by the government's Office for Low Emission Vehicles' ongoing Go Ultra Low City Scheme - itself an initiative dedicated to increasing the uptake of electric vehicles across the UK.

Businesses that want to encourage their staff to be more environmentally friendly could take a number of actions to improve the green credentials of the typical daily commute.

Staff could be urged to walk or cycle to work, for example, helping to reduce their emissions by avoiding driving, while improving their overall wellbeing and levels of fitness. In cases where staff members do take up this option, companies should support their workers by providing facilities where they can change and shower after putting in the hard miles to and from the office.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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