5 simple ways to improve the office environment

5 simple ways to improve the office environment

5 simple ways to improve the office environment

Workers spend a lot of time in the office, so there is a certain amount of responsibility on employers to make it a pleasant place to be.

Sometimes, even the smallest changes can make a big difference to the working environment, and consequently to staff morale. Here are just a few examples.


Keep it clean
No-one wants to work in a dirty, unhygienic environment, so employers should place a big emphasis on keeping the workplace clean.

Using a professional cleaning company is the most effective way to guarantee a certain level of cleanliness, but it's also important to take basic steps such as advising employees of their responsibility to tidy up after themselves.

This is particularly important if you have an office kitchen, which can become a hub for dirt and germs if it isn't looked after. As well as simply being unpleasant, this can pose a health risk.

Install eco-friendly features
Protecting the environment is becoming an increasingly pressing concern not only for businesses, but for eco-conscious workers, too.

Employers can strengthen their green credentials and improve the workplace at the same time by installing features such as recycling bins and plants, which can help to purify the air and freshen up the working environment.

It can also prove beneficial to ensure that plenty of natural light is getting into the office, so workers don't feel like they are shut off from the outside world.

Help people to feel comfortable
People should be able to work and take breaks in whatever way is most comfortable for them. For the employer, that might require giving staff the option to work standing up by introducing sit-stand desks, or adding some comfy furniture to break-out areas.

Speaking to Business News Daily, Mike Canarelli, chief executive and co-founder of Web Talent Marketing, said: "Even if the sun can't shine into your workplace, make an effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfy furniture, working equipment and a few 'extra-mile' amenities."

Encourage healthy practices
Workers who are physically fit and well will be more likely to feel mentally strong and ready to work, so it's important to promote healthy practices in the workplace.

Encourage staff to walk up and down the stairs instead of taking the lift, and point out the benefits - personal and environmental - of walking or cycling to work for those who live close enough.

Making sure that people take breaks from work and get up from their desks regularly to move around and exercise their muscles is also important. This helps to improve mental wellbeing and contributes to a more positive workplace environment.

Get people talking
First and foremost, people want to work in an environment that feels relaxed and positive, and one of the first steps to achieving that is to get colleagues talking to each other.

Introduce policies of co-workers moving around the office and talking to each other in person, rather than sending emails or instant chat messages.

The conversation doesn't always have to be about work, but if employees feel comfortable and confident talking to each other, the business will see the benefits in terms of workplace positivity and productivity.

Posted by William Rodriguez

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