How to make 2018 a green year for your office

How to make 2018 a green year for your office

How to make 2018 a green year for your office

Different businesses will have different goals going into the new year, but for many office-based firms, one target will be to maximise the eco-friendliness of their workplace in 2018.

Becoming greener and more energy-efficient can offer the dual advantages of helping the environment and allowing your company to save money on its energy bills.

With that in mind, here are some of the actions your firm can take to improve its eco-performance in 2018:

Get rid of inefficient products and lighting

Many businesses continue to use older appliances and lighting systems, despite their costliness, inefficiency and poor environmental performance.

Assessing the various electrical items in use throughout your office and replacing them with newer, more efficient alternatives can prove a worthwhile investment. This is particularly true when it comes to heavily used or power-hungry items such as desktop computers, kettles, microwaves and refrigerators.

Educate employees

Informing employees about eco-friendly office practices and encouraging them to abandon bad habits can be one of the best ways to make a real difference to your company's environmental performance.

Remind members of staff how important it is to maintain simple behaviours such as recycling, switching off lights when they leave a room and powering down their computer at the end of the day.

It can also prove beneficial to encourage people to use public transport to get to work or, if at all possible, to walk or cycle. This could prove particularly beneficial in central London, which is introducing stiffer charges to tackle congestion and pollution in the city.

Embrace flexibility

Adopting flexible practices can help your business to improve cost efficiency while reducing its environmental impact.

Allowing someone who would normally drive to the office to work from home, for example, will reduce on-site power consumption and also help to tackle pollution.

It's also possible to limit your company's overheads and energy requirements by adopting flexible methods such as hot-desking. This involves allocating desks to workers as and when they are required or on a rota system, rather than having to ensure that all members of staff have their own desk.

Introduce some greenery

While this might seem like an overly literal approach to making your office 'greener', introducing some plants and flora around the workplace can help to purify the air and generally make it a more pleasant place to be.

Employees coming back after the Christmas break could be pleasantly surprised to find the office full of greenery, allowing for an easier transition back into work.

Bring in an eco-friendly cleaning company

Keeping your office clean is a must, not only for health and hygiene reasons, but to ensure that your employees have a tidy and well-maintained environment in which to work.

When you are looking for a cleaning company - as well as other third-party service suppliers and partners - be sure to check their green credentials.

Any outside business you choose to work with should adhere to the same standards and practices you look to uphold within your own firm.


Posted by William Rodriguez

Image courtesy of iStock/cyano66