It's Disney with a difference in a stand-out cleaning scene from Enchanted

It's Disney with a difference in a stand-out cleaning scene from Enchanted

It's Disney with a difference in a stand-out scene from Enchanted

In 2007, Disney showed that it wasn't afraid to poke fun at its own well-established tropes and traditions with Enchanted, a film that transports its main character, Giselle (a young woman who dreams of marrying a prince and living happily ever after, of course), from the fairy tale land of Andalasia to the noise, dirt and chaos of modern-day New York City.

One of the film's stand-out musical numbers - 'Happy Working Song' - sees Giselle recruit a host of filthy creatures to clean up the apartment where she finds herself staying.

'New friends'
After being pushed down a well and transforming from an animated character into a 3D, live-action version of herself, Giselle emerges from a manhole in the centre of Times Square. Lost and confused, she meets a man named Robert and his daughter Morgan, who offer her a place to stay for the night.

Upon waking up the next morning and finding herself surrounded by dirt and mess, Giselle declares: "This just won't do." She opens the apartment window and sings a brief aria, summoning a whole host of dirty creatures and assorted vermin from the streets and sewers of New York.

Where the likes of Snow White and Cinderella were accompanied by beautiful songbirds and bunny rabbits in their songs, Giselle's singing attracts pigeons, rats, cockroaches and flies.

Unperturbed, she says: "Well, it's always nice to make new friends. Alright, everyone, let's tidy things up."

Giselle and her unsightly but enthusiastic helpers begin prancing around the apartment. A pigeon uses its feathers to sweep food crumbs off the table, a mouse removes a hairball from the shower drain with its tail, while a pack of rats scrub the bathroom floor and clean the toilet with toothbrushes.

In one of the funniest but potentially most disgusting moments in the sequence, the would-be princess plucks three cockroaches from the collected dust inside the vacuum cleaner and joins them in a harmony, before they flutter away.

After a while, the noise and activity causes Morgan to wake up and the animals finish their chores. "Wasn't this fun?" Giselle says, as she sits down next to a pigeon that promptly munches the cockroach sitting beside it.

A high point for Disney
'Happy Working Song' is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Enchanted, and Disney's entire back catalogue. The film itself is notable for the fact that it homages, but also parodies, some of the most famous moments and long-established traditions in Disney animated classics.

It also marked the return of traditional animation in a Disney film, following the studio's decision to move entirely to computer animation in 2004.

One of the keys to the success of Enchanted is Amy Adams' performance as Giselle, a character that the audience can laugh at but also have great affection for. The film helped to ignite Adams' career, putting her on a path that would lead to major roles in films such as The Fighter, Man of Steel and American Hustle.

She certainly makes an impact in this scene, one of the most memorable and unusual examples of cleaning in the movies.

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Posted by Julie Tucker