How Pixar made us fall in love with a cleaning robot

How Pixar made us fall in love with a cleaning robot

How Pixar made us fall in love with a cleaning robot

If there is one thing the great Pixar Animation Studios has shown over the past 23 years, it's that it knows how to create memorable movie characters. From Woody the cowboy in the studio's very first feature-length film, 1995's Toy Story, to Nemo the clownfish and Lightning McQueen the racecar, Pixar's movies are full of animated icons.

In 2008, the studio released Wall-E, in which it introduced us to another favourite - a little robot tasked with cleaning up a filthy city on an abandoned Earth.

A unique and lovable character
Wall-E is a special and unusual film, not least because the two characters we engage with the most as viewers - Wall-E and Eve, another robot with whom the title character falls in love - only communicate through gestures, movements and electronic noises. The closest they get to speaking is when they make sounds that approximate each other's names.

Set in the year 2805, the film shows Wall-E living a quiet and lonely life on an Earth that has long been abandoned by the human race. The planet is covered in dirt and rubbish, its former inhabitants now living on gigantic liners cruising through space.

Wall-E is the last of a fleet of robots tasked with cleaning up the planet. In one of the most magical and famous sections of the film, we are introduced to the little bot as he goes about his work, squashing the human race's leftovers into compacted cubes that form giant towers.

We soon learn that Wall-E is fascinated with humans, spending his free time watching classic movies, listening to music and collecting toys, pieces of clothing and other relics of humanity.

Eve's arrival on the planet disrupts Wall-E's routine and the pair slowly get to know each other, eventually embarking on an adventure that raises hope of humans being able to return to their home planet.

One of Pixar's great successes
Wall-E is now regarded as one of Pixar's greatest successes and most impressive artistic achievements. One of the beauties of the film is that it makes the viewer feel huge affection and warmth for a plucky little robot, which faces the huge task of cleaning up the mess after humans failed to look after their planet.

This innovative approach to telling the story - and the bold stance taken against consumerism and disregard for the environment - certainly paid off, with the movie raking in more than $533 million (£384 million) at the global box office.


Wall-E was also a huge hit with the critics, with Time magazine putting it at the top of its list of the best movies of the decade. In the years since the film's release, the adorable title character has established himself as a Pixar favourite.

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Posted by France Singer