Monica from Friends' funniest cleaning moments

Monica from Friends' funniest cleaning moments

Monica from Friends' funniest cleaning moments

The characters from the hit US sitcom Friends were largely distinguished by a few distinct characteristics. There was Ross (the loveable geek), Rachel (the pampered princess), Joey (the ladies' man), Chandler (the funny one) and Phoebe (the kooky one).

Then there was Monica. Obsessed with keeping things clean and organised, she was the unofficial 'mum' of the group. Her habits and hang-ups led to some memorable comedy moments in a series that was full of them…



Cleaning strangers' cars
In the sixth season of the show, Joey makes an attempt to impress passers-by by pretending that a Porsche to which he has found the keys actually belongs to him. To further the illusion, he decides to clean the car and asks Monica if she has a bucket and some soap he can borrow.

She springs into action, offering Joey soap, sponges, rags, wax and polishing compounds. When Chandler points out that Monica doesn't even own a car, she says: "I know, but one time there was this really dirty car parked in front of the building, so I washed it … and six others."

Vacuuming the vacuum cleaner
For most people, vacuuming the floors is enough, but not for Monica. In one scene, we see her finish cleaning the floor before picking up a small handheld vacuum to dust off the one she has just been using.

Still not satisfied, she gestures to the smaller device and says: "If only there was a smaller one to clean this one!"

The joy of packing
In the episode that sees Monica's long-time flatmate Rachel move out, Rachel's only job is to pack up the things in her room, which of course she fails to do, leaving behind a mess of clothes and belongings scattered everywhere.

Upon discovering the mess, Monica is initially shocked and appalled, before the quick-thinking Rachel convinces her that this is actually a last-minute gift, with Monica given the honour of cleaning up and coordinating the packing.

Phoebe is roped in to help and Monica also creates jobs for Ross, Chandler and Joey, sending Phoebe out to give them their orders. "Hurry, Monica's going to make you pack, she's got jobs for everyone!" Phoebe tells the boys. "It's too late for me, but save yourselves!"

Maid anxiety
Having a professional cleaner to keep their home neat and tidy would be a dream for most people, but for Monica, Chandler's decision to hire a maid is tantamount to infidelity.

In a panic about having another person come in and clean her apartment, Monica frets: "Usually when I'm this anxious, I clean!"

Later on in the episode, Monica begins to have suspicions that the maid has stolen a pair of jeans and a bra from her room, only to discover that Rachel has borrowed her jeans and she is actually wearing the bra herself.

A late-night visit
Arguably the most extreme cleaning moment of all for Monica comes in the sixth episode of the fourth season, which sees Ross dating a beautiful woman who happens to have a spectacularly dirty apartment.

The relationship is short-lived, and at the every end of the episode we see Monica turning up at the woman's door in the middle of the night, admitting that, after hearing Ross' account of the mess, she couldn't sleep thinking about it. After having the door slammed in her face, Monica has to settle for scrubbing the outside of the door frame.

Fastidious and fussy she may be, but it's these traits that helped to make Monica one of this great show's most loveable and popular characters.

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