Jacques - the clean freak sea creature in Finding Nemo

Jacques - the clean freak sea creature in Finding Nemo

Jacques - the clean freak sea creature in Finding Nemo

If anyone thinks that just using a bit of water can ensure things are clean, they clearly haven't seen Finding Nemo.

After all, in a film that is all about a missing fish, the setting is the water itself. None of that stops there being a mess, of course, caused by our old friend algae.

This is not the stuff that the average kitchen or living room suffers from; after all, it is a water-based plant that forms in lakes and stagnant containers. The most likely place it can appear in a house is in a fish tank - just as it does in the Pixar film.

Tanks, but no thanks, Mr Cleaner 

Faced with a scene in which several of the cast are placed in a tank, Jacques the clean freak sea creature - a cleaner shrimp, in fact - is clearly in his element. For here, the glass panes of the tank are turning increasingly green with the algae.

Normally for Jacques, this would be the cue to get straight into cleaning mode. But, no sooner than he has started he is ordered to stop, and he responds:   "I am ashamed".

All that may seem a strange thing for a proud cleaner to say. But this is all because of the twisted plot that lands Nemo in the tank to begin with.

Having began life in the sea near the Great Barrier Reef, Nemo is caught by a fisherman in Sydney, who accidentally dropped a face mask with his address on it - inadvertently giving the fish a clue where he is from. The captive Nemo has been placed in a tank in a dentist's waiting room, but is set to be given to his daughter, who has been known to kill her previous fish.

Faced with this peril, they decide to block the filter, creating a mess and forcing the owner to clean it out - thus offering Nemo a chance to escape.

All that would be thwarted if the tank remained clean thanks to the efforts of Jacques!

Jacques the way to do it
Needless to say, a real-life Jacques would not feel the least bit ashamed at cleaning up algae and various parasites. Cleaner shrimps are good news for all the other fish as they come along and pick all the parasites off them, an arrangement that keeps the fish clean and gives Jacques and company a good meal.

Keeping it clean in real life
Still, when all is said and done it is a Disney film. In the real world fish cannot read either, which would leave the film with no plot. Fair play to the makers of the film, however, as they studied a bit of marine biology to ensure the animation correctly captured the movements of the different fishy characters. They would know full well what Jacques would get up to - assuming their natural instincts were curbed to save Nemo from a careless dentist's daughter.

What is certain is that when it comes to our own cleaning services, our staff are rightly proud of what they do. Faced with the equivalent of a fish tank caked with green gunk, they will get stuck in just like Jacques, leaving it as clean and fresh as something out in the deep blue sea.


Posted by Julie Tucker

Image courtesy of iStock/antos777