Is the world really ready for Jetsons-style vacuum cleaner?

Is the world really ready for Jetsons-style vacuum cleaner?

Is the world really ready for a Jetsons-style vacuum cleaner?

For those spending time at home with the kids over the school holidays, a messy house in need of a good clean might have been compensated for by the guilty pleasure of enjoying a few cartoons with the youngsters. After all, for many people it will bring back memories of their own childhoods.

Meet the Jetsons

If ever there was a cartoon series that left a vivid memory, it was the Jetsons. There was something both amusing and thought-provoking about the lives of a family living in the future, when all kinds of extraordinary technology was commonplace.

The clip of domestic efficiency in the time of the Jetsons is a classic example of this. The food is all served out of machines at the press of a button, which might sound a lot like a vending machine but in this case is linked to a plate that appears out of the middle of the table.

Similarly, robot arms brush people's teeth for them, while a real robot irons and folds the towels. There is even a bed that ejects people sleeping in it, just to make sure they get up. Somehow that idea does not appear to have caught on.

Cleaning in the future?
Naturally enough, cleaning is incredibly easy too, as the housewife sits in her mobile chair that glides across the floor to a console. Having given her husband the hurry up by telling him he could be late unless his teeth-brushing is finished quickly, she remarks: "Oh I shouldn't have upset George. But if he only knew how I hate washing, ironing, vacuuming.." As she says each of these last three words, she presses a button on a console.

Ah, the comedy irony - all she has to do is press a button and the robots are at it, zooming across the floor to hoover up, or even carrying a little brush to sweep the dust under the rug.

It is quite a thought; all the hard work of cleaning a home done just at the press of a button, with the householders able to sit down and relax while it all goes on around them. No wonder they need mechanical help to get out of bed.

The question is, would we really want to live in a world like that? Isn't life sedentary enough, with all the health issues that brings?

Is the future here now?
Then again, perhaps some of the fantastical stuff seen in the Jetsons is coming true - like the vacuum cleaner.

Next Stop training posted their own video with a man in a white coat showing off a circular device the size of a large dinner plate. He asked: "Is this the robot the Jetsons promised 50 years ago?"

The device in question just rolls around the house, picking up dirt as it goes and making life incredibly easy.

Perhaps one day this is indeed how it will be. But we are certainly not there yet, just as we don't have beds designed to tip people out, or flying cars.

Thankfully, here at Aurora we have professional and hard-working cleaners to perform our services, proving that we really don't need to have futuristic robots to get a house clean.

Image courtesy of iStock/PhonlamaiPhoto