Death, depressed parrots and Dingles - the adventures of Emmerdale cleaner Lydia Hart

Death, depressed parrots and Dingles - the adventures of Emmerdale cleaner Lydia Hart

Death, depressed parrots and Dingles - the adventures of Emmerdale cleaner Lydia Hart

Emmerdale used to be called Emmerdale Farm, but that never really could last.

After all, a big drama on a farm is usually an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, or someone accidentally falling in a large vat of sheep dip. In flatter parts if the country, a mysterious crop circle might appear. But this is North Yorkshire, all moorland and mutton - especially Seth Armstrong's whiskers.

Quite simply, any soap worth its name needed to encompass more than just one farm. So it is that everyone in Beckindale is involved, as the local shenanigans envelop the Woolpack pub, the church, the post office, the village store - basically everyone. Really, it's just like Last of the Summer Wine, except this time something - usually bad - actually happens.

However, wherever there is a mess - as in any soap - there needs to be a cleaner. And Emmerdale has just the one in Lydia Hart.

Sure enough, Lydia is often to be seen with her cleaning apron on. After all, like the rest of the cast she has to earn a living in between all the triumphs and disasters that pass for everyday life in the broad acres.

However, from the moment she arrived you knew things would never be quite as clean as might be hoped with her.

Even her marriage to caravan enthusiast Steve Hart was a messy business - not least when the ink from the wedding certificate got on her dress - and it was not the internal cleanliness of the caravan that was at issue.

The usual kind of things happened in the marriage - an affair followed by his sudden death from a pulmonary embolism. In an interesting twist, however, Lydia bought a parrot and named it after him. The parrot ends up suffering from depression and when he dies Lydia has him stuffed.

When not busy cleaning up everyone else's messes, Lydia is forever getting into her own. Working as a cleaner in the Sharmas' factory might be OK normally, but this was just after an ill-fated date with Rishi.

However, on she went, even taking on extra overtime to keep up payments on her old home in Hotten. However, even this leads to confusion, with suspicions emerging that she is working for Rishi in ways not involving cleaning that are best mentioned after the watershed.

All that confuses the new love of her life, Sam Dingle. Thankfully, she explains all and they get engaged.

A happy ending for our plucky cleaner? As they say in Yorkshire, don't be daft. After all, this is life with the Dingles, where Samson pushes her down the stairs after an argument, she has a temporary break up with Sam, and then a cancer scare.

It's all enough to make the viewer feel as sick as a parrot, or maybe just as depressed as one.

Yet through it all, luckless and tragedy-struck Lydia stays cheerful. Maybe she just takes so much joy from her cleaning.

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