How Ernie makes a muppet of himself when cleaning

How Ernie makes a muppet of himself when cleaning

How Ernie makes a muppet of himself when cleaning

When it comes to hiring cleaners, the last thing you want is someone who is clearly a complete muppet.

After all, anyone who is a muppet in general is not to be relied on. But, more importantly, we have ample evidence that the real muppets are themselves rather hopeless at this kind of thing.

It's not just that Miss Piggy is too much of a diva to get her trotters dirty, or that Oscar is too happy up to his neck in rubbish. When it comes to getting on with the job, Sesame Street star Ernie has shown that being a muppet is sure to lead to trouble.

First of all, Ernie manages to break his vacuum cleaner. How exactly he did this we don't know, but it's not as if it's a particularly easy thing to do. Still, as he tells viewers, he has sent it to the repair shop to be fixed, so at least he hasn't written it off.

The next stage for Ernie is to find another means of cleaning his home. He has an idea: borrow a vacuum from his neighbour, Herbert Birdsfoot. Ernie describes him as a "very good friend of mine", so he is sure his request to borrow the vacuum will be successful.

Or will it? Ernie suddenly starts to have doubts. As he's about to knock on Herbert's door, he remembers that this is around the time his neighbour usually takes a bath.

This could be a very bad move. Imagine if he was having a soak in his hot tub, only to be disturbed by a knock on the door, and forced to come down, covered in soap suds, and bothered by Enie's request.

"He's going to be real mad,” Ernie surmises.

This paranoid train of thought runs away rapidly. What if Herbert catches a cold from the experience of coming to the door all wet? And would he even want to lend Ernie his vacuum cleaner after being inconvenienced in such a way? Before we know it, Ernie imagines Mr Birdfoot wouldn't trust him to give the vacuum cleaner back, and would then go round telling his friends not to lend him anything either.

By now, Ernie has totally lost it, imagining that he could end up losing a load of friends through the situation. And yet, despite it all, he goes ahead and knocks on the door anyway.

Mr Birdsfoot comes to the door and greets him: "Oh, hi Ernie!"

"Oh yeah?" replies Ernie. "Well if that's the way you think about it you can just keep your rotten old vacuum cleaner. So there!" and stomps off.

Mr Birdsfoot is, not surprisingly, rather shocked and nonplussed and his neighbour's inexplicable meltdown.

Still, this is the kind of thing that goes on down Sesame Street. It certainly doesn't help get things cleaned up, which is maybe why a character who lives in a bin feels so at home there.

Thankfully, at Aurora ProClean, we have dedicated and skilled staff who will do an excellent job of cleaning your home. Rest assured, we certainly won't be sending any muppets around to your house.


Image courtesy of Cliff from Arlington, Virginia, USA (Bert & Ernie)