Custard calamity? Send for Noo Noo from the Teletubbies

Custard calamity? Send for Noo Noo from the Teletubbies

Custard calamity? Send for Noo Noo from the Teletubbies

The arrival of the Teletubbies on children's TV screens sparked a surprising amount of debate. Rather than simply regarding these strange but friendly looking creatures as colourful characters who would delight young children, some saw them as harmful.

A common accusation was that they always used baby speak, and in doing so might influence youngsters to think this was the gold standard of verbal communication. This, it was argued, could hinder children's development of language skills and hold them back from learning to talk properly.

Others dismissed such claims, suggesting the critics were whistling in the dark - perhaps as a result of growing up watching the Clangers. But it might be wiser to consider issues beyond the use of language when assessing the influence of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po.

After all, even if you think they are a malevolent paramilitary cell bent on corrupting the next generation as part of their evil plans for world domination, you have to admit the Teletubbies are pretty good at encouraging hygiene. The fact is that their base is always keep sparklingly clean, thanks to the ever-active vacuum cleaner Noo Noo.

Some of the latest surveillance footage of the group's activities (shown on CBeebies one afternoon) shows Noo Noo to be a particularly efficient cleaner. In this particular episode, there has been a bit of a catering calamity, with the result being that the whole place is covered in pink tubby custard.

With Noo Noo present, however, this is no problem. Bit by bit, he rolls around sucking up the tubby custard with a loud slurping sound - no doubt influencing children to eat far too noisily, but nonetheless showing the value of a spotless premises. Indeed, having sucked up every blob of the stuff that has landed on the floor or walls, he finishes off by cleaning the bits on himself. Surely there's a positive personal hygiene message in there too?

To universal delight, Noo Noo disposes of the custard in the most wonderful way, by rolling across to the doorway, waiting for the bulletproof doors to slide open, and blowing it out into the sky in the form of beautiful pink bubbles. The Teletubbies step outside their lair to watch them float away. They then join in a group hug, with the odd suspicious handshake possibly included.

Of course, it is entirely coincidental that their secret headquarters, built into the hillside, looks like one of those Cold War nuclear bunkers now open to the public.
In a world full of cynicism that seeks to find faults and threats in everything, Noo Noo should be the perfect antidote. His efficiency and cleanliness are an example that should have a good influence on the young, ensuring that their innocent minds are safe as long as he is about, even in the presence of these Frankenstein's monsters.

At Aurora Pro Clean we know all about the kind of disasters than can leave a building looking less than pristine. Like Noo Noo, we want to make the world both a better place and a cleaner place, so you can trust our staff to do just that.

With us, there's no baby talk, just good, efficient work, and no secret agenda to take over the world.