Avoiding the trapdoor: How not to clear away the rubbish

Avoiding the trapdoor: How not to clear away the rubbish

Avoiding the trapdoor: How not to clear away the rubbish

When Aurora are hired to do a job, we pride ourselves on being able to take on all kinds of challenges. But it must be said, even we would think twice about going down the Trap Door.

The Trap Door in question is in the cellar of a spooky castle "somewhere in the dark and nasty regions, where nobody goes", where some unidentified "Thing Upstairs" lives and has an overworked servant downstairs, a large blue character called Berk. He is perpetually busy in the basement, in the company of his pet spider Drutt and a skull called Boni.

While this cellar is already crawling with all sorts of slimy, spooky and odd creatures, it is down the trapdoor that a multitude of horrors lives, and now and again some of them emerge to calamitous effect. Plasticine has never been this scary, before or since.

Children of all ages in the 1980s enjoyed the spectacularly horrific scenes that unfolded in each episode. However, it must be said, sometimes Berk was at fault; not least when he decided the best way to clear out all the rubbish was to chuck it down the trapdoor.


All the trash - half of it apparently alive - was sent down the service chute by the Thing Upstairs. But before Berk can open the trapdoor to throw it down, a large beast called Rogg climbs out.

Rather than being a big problem, however, Rogg smells the rubbish and decides to make a meal of it.

"He's eating all the garbage," observes Berk. "Well, it'll save me a job."

Unfortunately, this convenient disposal of all the waste is the last good thing to come from Rogg's appearance. Having eaten everything that has come down the service chute, he starts to climb up, to the fury of the Thing Upstairs who encounters him when he arrives.

"Berk! What's this?" demands the Thing Upstairs. "It's not even cooked properly!"

Our hero's attempts to remove Rogg from the upstairs prove somewhat difficult when the huge pink creature hits him so hard, he falls out of the window. Despite this, Rogg declares that he likes "my friend" Berk.

Thankfully, you can be sure that at Aurora we don't have anyone quite like Rogg on our payroll; or indeed the blundering Berk.

Of course, we don't envy Berk; in each episode he has to deal with something large, or tentacled, or sticky, likely to do him any manner of mischief. But nonetheless, unlike him our staff are people who would never leave the job to someone else.

Indeed, this is still true even if the mess is a big one, when something bad has come up from the basement. As for the thought of all things spooky, with wing of bat and tail of frog here there and everywhere; well, anyone who has done a cleaning job on November 1st has dealt with that.

So, while a scary castle might not be the kind of commercial premises, we would be falling over ourselves to come and clean up, there is no doubt that we can rise - though preferably not through a Trap Door - to whatever challenges we face.


Posted by: Becky Cheall