Sean Astin shows us how to clean up a caveman

Sean Astin shows us how to clean up a caveman

Sean Astin shows us how to clean up a caveman

The history of movies and television has provided us with plenty of unusual cleaning scenes, from magic-infused mopping in Disney’s Fantasia to Jennifer Lawrence’s angry housework in American Hustle.

Back in the early 1990s, film fans were treated to the particularly unconventional sight of a pair of American high school kids cleaning up a caveman, in the comedy California Man, or Encino Man as it was titled in the States.

Cleaning up for the 20th century

The film begins in the ice age, with an earthquake that buries a caveman, played by Brendan Fraser.

Fast forward thousands of years, and an earthquake in 1990s Los Angeles awakens Dave Morgan (Sean Astin), an ordinary American teenager.

When digging a pool in his backyard, Dave and his friend Stoney discover a chunk of ice containing the caveman from the beginning of the film. The ice thaws and the caveman begins to explore the modern world, making a mess of Dave’s house and attempting to start a fire in his bedroom.

Dave and Stoney decide to clean him up and make him presentable, leading to a scene in which their new pal is dumped in the bath and covered in whatever cleaning products the pair can lay their hands on.

The friends give the caveman - whom they decide to call Link, as in ‘the missing link’ - a thorough scrub, cut his hair and dress him in modern clothes.

As the story goes on, it becomes clear that Link will have an important part to play in their lives, helping them to overcome school bullies and not worry so much about how they appear or what people think of them.

In return, Dave and Stoney help Link find a way to live happily in the 20th century.

A 90s relic

While it’s probably fair to say that California Man isn’t remembered as a classic, it’s a fond reminder of the sort of family-friendly comedies that were much-loved in the 1990s, along with the likes of Beethoven, Home Alone and Mrs Doubtfire.

What’s more, some of the stars of the film went on to big things in the movie business.

Sean Astin enjoyed huge success in the Lord of the Rings franchise, in which he played Sam, the loyal companion to Frodo Baggins. More recently, Netflix viewers have seen him in the hit series Stranger Things, which also throws ordinary American kids into extraordinary situations.

Brendan Fraser has appeared in films including The Mummy, The Quiet American and Inkheart since California Man, as well as recently featuring in the television drama series The Affair.

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Posted by Becky Cheall