Frenzied, frantic cleaning in There's Something About Mary

Frenzied, frantic cleaning in There's Something About Mary

Frenzied, frantic cleaning in There's Something About Mary

Released in 1998, There’s Something About Mary is now recognised as a comedy classic, largely thanks to the sheer number of hilarious moments and memorable scenes in the film.

In one stand-out sequence, we see how an accidental turn of events results in one character taking a particularly vigorous approach to cleaning her apartment.

Magda's mad cleaning

There’s Something About Mary tells the story of Ted Stroehmann (Ben Stiller), a man who is still in love with his high-school dream girl Mary Jensen (Cameron Diaz), 13 years after their prom date went horribly wrong.

Ted decides to track Mary down by hiring a private detective, Pat Healy, a sleazy character who, shortly after finding Mary, falls in love with her himself.

One of Pat’s misguided attempts to win Mary’s affections involves placating her dog, which he tries to do by drugging the poor pooch. Unfortunately, some of the drugs also end up in the drink of Mary’s friend Magda.

The end result of this mix-up is this hilarious scene, in which Ted and Mary arrive home after a date and find Magda in a frenzy, frantically vacuuming the sofa. She even lifts the entire sofa up, one-handed, to clean under it, before Mary switches off the vacuum cleaner.

That doesn’t stop Magda, though, as she quickly picks up a duster and begins dusting enthusiastically, cleaning chairs, tables and even Mary.

The scene takes a really crazy turn when Ted lets the dog - a sweet little border terrier named Puffy - out of the bathroom and is savagely attacked, leading to an elaborate man vs dog fight scene that ends with Puffy flying out of the window.

A modern-day comedy classic

This - and the other now-famous moments in There’s Something About Mary - have helped to make the movie a bona-fide modern classic.

It was a huge hit with fans, with a $370 million box office haul that made it the fourth highest-grossing film of the year in 1998.

The film was just as popular among critics, with American film reviewer and journalist Gene Siskel placing it at number nine on his list of the ten best films of the year.

There’s Something About Mary is an example of American comedy at its best, and this scene is undoubtedly one of the movie’s highlights.

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Posted by: Becky Cheall