A Year On and the Roll Out Of the Binless Office Continues

A Year On and the Roll Out Of the Binless Office Continues

A Year On and the Roll Out Of the Binless Office Continues

A year on and the volume of business waste hasn’t diminished. With domestic waste still responsible for less than 10% of Britain’s rubbish; business still has a lot to do to reduce its impact on the wider environment.

It was this surprising statistic that led Aurora to support leading serviced office provider Business Environment to completely remove waste bins from its client’s offices in its 16 UK centres a year ago. Since then Aurora have installed recycling points throughout the buildings of many of its clients to encourage companies' employees to adopt a more holistic approach to recycling. And it’s paying off. Employees are now becoming as diligent at work to sort and recycle their litter as they are at home.

A stack of bins Bins removed from Business Environment's Milton Keynes office

Carbon Savings can provide a business with an idea of how much their efforts to recycle have cut carbon emissions.

For example our clients Business Environment save on average 142 tonnes of carbon every quarter which is equivalent to the following use of energy:

- Driving from London to Edinburgh 1338 times or boiling a kettle non-stop for 121 months...

William Rodriguez, Director at Aurora, said: “By stepping up recycling in the office companies will start to tap in to business savings in energy usage. The recent Defra research shows that businesses across the UK have the potential to save up to £18bn a year by taking steps to reduce waste. By removing bins, we are helping foster a green office culture by empowering companies at Business Environment locations to take a more holistic view to recycling, taking responsibility for all the waste they produce. The business now recycles enough waste to cover an entire football pitch in 2012.”

In just over a year since the launch of the scheme Business Environment have saved more than £4,000 a year and have increased recycling to 88%, ahead of their annual target. With the increase in landfill tax up to £72 per tonne, rising to £80 per tonne in 2014 (up from £32 in 2008), it’s more vital than ever that businesses put robust recycling processes in place.

Business Environment has pledged to donate the savings to Trees for Cities, an independent charity which inspires people to plant and appreciate trees in urban areas across the world.

Aurora are planning further binless office projects during the remainder of 2013.

Posted by Andy Issott