GIB forms new partnership to monitor UK energy efficiency

GIB forms new partnership to monitor UK energy efficiency

GIB forms new partnership to monitor UK energy efficiency

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has announced it is to partner with both EEVS Insight and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) to help expand the quarterly Energy Efficiency Trends publications.

This means the organisations will be working together to monitor the nation's journey to improved energy efficiency in terms of its power sourcing.

It is hoped that by lending its support to the quarterly reports, GIB will help to attain a significant expansion of its user base.

Furthermore, it is also expected to strengthen the quality of the research, in addition to promoting the publication's insights to a wider audience than has benefitted from its insights in the past.

This could have major implications for businesses up and down the country who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and go green, as they may be able to see the impact of doing so demonstrated more clearly.

EEVS is currently responsible for operating the Energy Efficiency Trends publications, with support from the BNEF. The eighth edition of this series is due out next month - and all previous entries are accessible online.

As an ongoing 'state of the market' style project, the results are based on surveys of both energy efficiency customers and technology and service providers - and these are carried out every three months.

BNEF head of energy efficiency Tom Rowlands Rees said the reports from the last Energy Efficiency Trends survey revealed there has been an increase in the number of generation projects that are making use of both combination and third-party financing.

He said that against this backdrop, it is fitting that his organisation is coming together with GIB to navigate the current crop of investment trends, as their practical, on-the-ground experience of the sector will add a great deal of value.

Mr Rees also welcomed the fact that a whole new network of participants will be made accessible to his organisation thanks to GIB, adding that this is a particularly positive development, as it will provide a larger and more robust data sample, as well as a broader reach for the results.

This will serve to enhance the overall validity of the research - and Mr Rees noted the eighth edition of the survey will also include various other tweaks in terms of analysis and design.

Head of strategy and co-managing director of energy efficiency at GIB Bill Rogers said: "Non-domestic energy efficiency has a critical role to play in improving the UK's competitiveness and building a greener, stronger economy.

"This is an area of huge opportunity for the UK's private and public sectors and we hope to see a quickening of the pace of progress in the months and year ahead," he continued.

"Any new, growing market needs a definitive source of data and analysis. EEVS/BNEF's Energy Efficiency Trends already fulfils that role and, as the UK's most active investor in non-domestic energy efficiency, we hope our support and insight will help to take it from strength to strength."


Posted by William Rodriguez

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