Green Deal enjoys steady growth in uptake

Green Deal enjoys steady growth in uptake

Green Deal enjoys steady growth in uptake

The government's flagship energy efficiency scheme appears to be gaining momentum, with the latest figures showing steady growth in uptake.

Last month, the total number of Green Deal plans in progress climbed to 7,207, following nearly 1,500 registrations in October.

The initiative helps homeowners make environmentally friendly changes to their properties, including heating, double-glazing windows, insulation and renewable energy generation systems.

Projects are funded through government loans, which are typically paid back through reduced energy bills as the sustainable upgrades work their magic.

Approximately 2,400 Green Deal quotes have been accepted, with a further 1,534 households having penned an agreement to have work completed and 3,239 homes already fitted with eco-friendly measures.

While businesses are not eligible for the Green Deal, organisations have a number of available options if they want to improve energy efficiency.

For example, switching to environmentally friendly professional cleaning services will undoubtedly help minimise the carbon footprint of any given firm.

Energy efficiency on the rise

Richard Twinn, policy and public affairs officer at the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), said October's record number of Green Deal registrations indicated a "break in the clouds" for the government's energy efficiency hopes.

"But it's not all blue skies just yet - the recent rise in plans isn't even close to making up for the drop in energy saving measures being installed under its sister scheme ECO (Energy Company Obligation)," he stated.

ECO installations have remained stagnant, with 25,325 measures adopted in September, which is just one-quarter of the 100,000 recorded in March - the scheme's most successful month.

Legal obligations are place on major energy suppliers by the ECO, in the hope of encouraging them to offer energy efficiency upgrades to domestic customers. The scheme works alongside the Green Deal and has a particular focus on vulnerable demographics.

However, Mr Twinn suggested recent improvements are not enough to ensure the success of the initiatives.

"We need to see continued demand in energy efficiency into next year if the Green Deal is to truly weather the storm," he said.

DECC praises ECO stats

Despite the UKGBC's mixed response to the ECO data, the government has claimed the scheme continues to show signs of improvement.

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), ECO is making significant progress when it comes to providing sustainable solutions to homes across the UK.

The DECC said ECO installations have jumped 30-fold in rural areas over the last six months, with 23,400 types of insulation installed in country homes during this time.

This is a marked improvement on the 834 measures that had been fitted by the end of March, with changes to the ECO scheme in April praised for the increase in interest.

Parliamentary under-secretary of state for energy Amber Rudd said the figures, released last Thursday (November 20th), are a "sure sign" that rural homes are reaping the rewards of the government's support.

"We've seen a major increase in the number of rural homes that have been made warmer and cheaper to heat," she stated.


Posted by Julie Tucker